Paper Roses

In celebration of my finishing chapter twenty of my WIP, I thought I would come share another song from my booktrack! *Skims to chapter six* Let’s see… Ah!

‘Paper Roses’ by Anita Bryant, who apparently was a huge homophobe. Very disappointing, but not a shocker.


anita bryant

Anita Bryant


Truthfully, I don’t think I ever heard the song before stumbling on it. I just like what it symbolizes. Chapter six follows a very heavy, very emotional chapter. Emmylou is doing her best to stay strong for the masses, but Jake is still hanging around doing his best good guy act. All the girls seem to lean on him for support, but Emmylou isn’t fooled. She thinks Jake is a big fake, playing up his actions so everyone will warm up to him and eventually the idea of letting the girls sing in the show. He’s kind of a superhero in this chapter. Doing the impossible. From the novel:

I can’t tell if he really cares for the Jacksons, for Lee, or if he did all that for himself. And I know it won’t do no good me bringing it up. Seems like everyone done made up they mind ‘bout him anyway. He’s not fooling me with those paper roses.

Ergo, paper roses. Pretty to look at, but it ain’t real. It’s all a front. Useless.

Ironically, real roses aren’t that great. They die so quick. But they are beautiful flowers. If not a bit common. Also, I don’t know when I became a flower snob. I’m not, I swear!

Soon I shall be back with good news! Soon I shall be back with more booktracks!

Stay tuned,



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