I’m Getting There…

Wherever there is.

In pure me fashion, I’ve managed to hit a bit of a snag in my writing. (i.e. my story that I was using to get out of my original WIP’s writer’s block is now giving me writer’s block.) Well, let’s not call it writer’s block, I’ve honestly just not have the chance to write what’s on my mind.

There is another Scribophile contest that I had wanted to enter and while I have an idea/character/somewhat of a plot, those words aren’t piecing themselves together as I would like. Luckily, I’ve come up with another story. It doesn’t fit the contest’s requirements, but it’s something I could potentially send out for future publication. Maybe.

Speaking of publication, I’m sitting on some possible publication news, but I won’t say anything more about that until I’m 100% sure. Perhaps one day I can spill all the beans. It has to do with my flash fiction turned short story turned possible novel, but to be safe, let’s call it a novella. Actually, let’s call it what I titled it: “The Trees Won’t Tell.”

Things are heating up in Gussie’s world. And the poor girl can’t tell if her life is getting worse or better. To be honest, that’s kind of how I’m feeling these days. I’m thinking it’s all going to work out for Gussie. Maybe not how she originally planned it all, but it’ll work out.

Here is Gussie btw.


Okay, it’s not her, her, but this is who I picture when I write for Gussie. Only slightly younger, as Gussie’s supposed to be sixteen. At first I was only using the picture to help describe her hairstyle, but I fell in love. Whoever this young lady is, she’s gorgeous. No wonder Erroll would move a mountain for her. Let me tell ya, he has some mountains to move. Like his no good Mama, for one. Oh, and he had to stop his schooling. Not to mention he doesn’t get to see his baby sister, or any of his siblings everyday. Miss Gussie Hicks doesn’t always make it easy for him, but I don’t think he’d have it any other way.

I’m still not sure if Gussie’s story is a romance or a drama. Can it be both? I know it started off as pure romance and it still does have it moments of pure romantic gooeyness, but things have also gotten darker. There’s an incredible amount of tension taking over.

Maybe I shouldn’t worry about such things. Perhaps it’s time I focus on finishing first.

At the rate I’m going, “The Trees Won’t Tell” will be complete before Etta & Emmylou! But not to fear! I have made it a personal goal of mine to finish chapter twenty before the month of April is caput. Oddly, I feel confident I can do it. Not saying it’ll be my best chapter I’ve penned, but I’m optimistic I’ll have something to hate by the time May 1st arrives.

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “I’m Getting There…

  1. Good luck! And I’m intrigued by your news about a piece that originated as flash fiction and has morphed into short story and then novella. I think I’m entering a similar phase with one of my stories, which began as a 50-word story and is now a 2,000-worder, with potential for expansion. Fun times 🙂

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