Next up in the Booktrack’s jukebox is “Yesterdays.”

Oooooh, this is an oldie for sure. It was written in 1933 I believe. Although, for the book, I had in mind Ms. Lady Day herself.



Billie “Lady Day” Holiday



Billy Holiday just has that tragic tone to her voice. And no wonder too, because if you google her life, you’d know it was tragic. I think it would be cool to use her life a bit and create a story around it. Maybe I’ll get to it one day. If you haven’t already, you should here Audra McDonald as Billie Holiday. You’d think you were hearing a recording of Billie herself!

Without giving too much away, chapter four ends on such a high note, naturally I have to find a way to dash it all. What happens in chapter five sits with the girls for the remainder of the story. It’s kind of the driving force for all that they do. At least for Emmylou. Etta too at some point. But definitely Pearl.

Don’t stay melancholy for too long. I’m feeling very talkative about my flashshortnovel. I suppose I’ll be back to spill about that.

Ta, ta!



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