I’m In the Wrong Story

Can I be real a second? And by real I mean really confused. Perhaps you guys can remedy this and explain to me, why the WIP that inspired this blog in the first place, isn’t my top priority anymore? And by priority I mean actively writing. Because it’s always on my mind. They’re always on my mind. I smile at the thought of these two girls I’ve created and I want nothing more than to share Etta and Emmylou with the world, but I just can’t write for them as of late.

True story, as of right now, I have them stuck in a door frame. They deserve so much more than to be stuck in a google document, let alone stuck in a door frame! How’d I get here? I mean, how did I get so far just to not hate everything I attempt to write? It’s gotten so bad, I can’t write for them at all. All I do is think about what I should be writing. I just can’t connect the dots.

Ask me about my short story, will ya?

Oh that old thing? It’s going great. It went from flash fiction, to short story, and now I’m expanding it to a novella/novel. I’m not sure which just yet. I literally can’t stop writing it! I mean that’s good right? Any writing is good writing I suppose. And I was thinking and surfing the internet and stuff and found that Harper Collins has an imprint that focuses on YA romance. It’s an eBook imprint only, but they are looking for novellas.

In a perfect world I think I’ll polish it, send it off to them, get published and be able to mention it when I query Etta and Emmylou. If I ever get Etta and Emmylou back up and running. And I sure hope I do, ’cause that mock query I wrote is looking really useless right about now.


Alright, alright. I got it. Thanks, Edna.

You know what? This is temporary. I’m still writing. I still have the interest of an agent. Say what now? Did I neglect to mention that? Well it’s true.

A little while ago I asked agent Caitie Flum if a story that takes place in the 1960s was considered historical on twitter. It seems dumb, but honestly there’s a lot of opinions on the matter. I thought a story was considered historical if there was more or less a history lesson involved somewhere. Etta & Emmylou just takes place in the early 60s. I don’t go into the social climate or mention any key figures of the times. Anyway, Ms. Flum told me that even the 90s are considered historical fiction these days. Like the 1990s. And then it dawned on me, in like a hundred years I’ll be that girl who was born in the last decade before a new century…

I got off topic again!

The main thing is, she was like all, “A YA historical in the 60s?”

And I was all, “Yeah with African-American conjoined twins.”

Then she was like, “It better be in my inbox when it’s ready.”

In my head I was like:


But then I said, “Of course!”

That being said, it’s been about a month and she probably forgot about me. LOL. And this post got a bit long. I better get going.

Shouldn’t be too long,



2 thoughts on “I’m In the Wrong Story

  1. First of all, it’s completely natural to hit roadblocks with your writing. It doesn’t flow ALL the time. I spent the better part of a year where I didn’t write one word of my novel. I didn’t even think about it. You’ll get back to them. At least you have something else to focus on to keep you busy. And then there’s school…
    She won’t forget you.

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