I really can’t believe how this year is panning out already. I’m feeling good. Better than good actually. That’s a little inside joke I have with myself about a short story I wrote, that I absolutely adore and—I’m getting off topic! *clears throat* I placed second in another Scribophile contest!

Omigod you guys! (Can we take a minute to appreciate there were two quick changes in the first song of the show alone?)

Anyway, back to my writing! It was a Valentine’s Day/love themed contest. All I had to do was feel some kind of love and keep it brief. This was my first go at flash fiction too. Why didn’t anyone tell me how cool flash fiction is?

I LOVE and I do mean love that piece that I entered. And not just because it won me some cash and happy feelings, but because it inspired me to write a short story. Why didn’t anyone tell me how cool short stories are?! I couldn’t let my love birds go. I had to explore their relationship further. Now, I LOVE the short story so much, that I’m going to try to find a home for it. Actually, once I’m done with Etta & Emmylou I’ve decided to make them my new project. I’ve got plans! Yay me!


The original flash piece is called, The Trees Won’t Tell. It’s about 20 words shy of 1,000 words and in the description I have one sentence: If Erroll kisses Gussie in the forest and only the trees witness it, are they in love?

Well, are they? You can bet your bottom dollar they are! The short story is about 7,000 words. As of now, I’m just calling it Gussie & Erroll, but when I send it off, I’ll put it all under the flash piece’s title. It follows Gussie as she and Erroll struggle to advance their relationship and get into “trouble.” In pure Music Man fashion, oh she’s got trouble… With a capital T, and that rhymes with E, and that stands for Erroll! Here’s my little blurb about it:

Gussie loves Erroll and he loves her back. So much in fact she may be his wife one day. That is if they can ever get some time alone. What with his mama’s issues and Gussie’s mama not wanting her to get in “trouble.”

Oh yeah, I go there. I was blushing writing some parts too, but readers tell me it’s still PG-13. I guess I’m just sensitive. 😛

It’s was a bit of a challenge writing about the more sensitive aspects of being a teenager and having the urge to merge. As Matthew Broderick told us in The Producers, “the urge to merge can rob us of our senses.” I wanted to stay true to the times. Oh, did I neglect to mention it’s historical? In my head it’s 1939. Finding euphemisms to support the sketchy knowledge of the past and an impressionable, sheltered country girl, and keeping it YA has been interesting. But I lurvvvve it!

Did I mention I’m in love with this story?

Here’s hoping I can find someone willing to give Gussie and Erroll a home. If/when it does happen I’ll be sure to let you all know. Speaking of finding homes for my work, remember I told you guys about my prose poem, Tabitha’s Babies? Well, I saw the proofs for the review that’s publishing it and I’m still speechless. It’s so pretty! And it has this s’wonderful illustration to go with it. I’m so honored. I should be able to share a link soon!

Well that was a mouthful! If you’re still reading, I’ll check ya later,



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