This is one of my favoritist songs ever! Yes, I know it’s not a word. If you’ve seen Dirty Dancing, then you’ve heard this song. Remember when Baby first goes to where all the staff parties at the resort? And everyone is dirty dancing and she’s walking around dumfounded and intrigued at the same time? Well, this is that song.

The vocals are provided by the wonderful Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. I just about fell out my chair when I found out the biggest guy was the tenor. Watch this. Does he look like he would be the one to hit that falsetto?


For the record Etta and Emmylou do not dirty dance at any point in their story. I just thought it worked well, what with all that was going on in chapter three. Besides the fact that it’s on the car radio, Etta is praying for a miracle. She’s hoping her father will over look the fact that they’ve gotten a ride from two strangers, one who happens to be white and asks them to stay for supper. If he invites them to stay, then maybe he’ll hear them out about letting she and Emmylou sing at their show.

I’ve said it already, but I looooooove this song. Emmylou would totally be Baby.

I’ll try to be back soon. I promise.

Pinky promise,



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