Someday, Someway

Music day! I’m back to share more of the tunes that guide me in writing this WIP. Today it’s The Marvelettes, “Someday, Someway.”



The marvelous, The Marvelettes. They look so much like The Shirelles here, don’t they?


Etta and Emmylou are in an emergency room, Emmylou’s anxiety is at level 100 and Etta just can’t pass up an opportunity to perform. Typical Etta. Now I have to admit I don’t really know this song, but something about the lyrics seemed just right.

Exhibit A:

I’m a-gonna’ tell you

How much you mean to me

Not now

Not for a little while

I’ve got to be make sure that your love is pure

So you won’t take advantage of me

Capture my heart, and set me free

Some day (some day, ooh)

Some way (some way, ooh)

Exhibit B(spoiler alert):

We’ll wait for Jake, he said he’ll be back. Etta’s using her Diahann Carroll voice again. I think she thinks it makes me listen to her more. It only makes me mad.

I don’t trust him.

You don’t trust anyone. Calm down.

I’m starting to hear my own breathing. So I can imagine what I look like. Flushed and sweating, face red as a beet. Etta’s headaches get brought on by stress, so I like to worry for the both of us. I wish Etta worried a little bit more so I don’t have to as much. I might actually need a doctor if I spend another minute on this bed.

“You girls ready?” It’s Jake. He’s standing there rocking back and forth on his heels. I guess I ain’t notice before, but he can’t be much older than us. Barely out of high school. I ain’t never seen a boy so handsome. PJ been trying to get me to press his hair so he can wear it in a Conk—fried straight, slicked with grease and parted on one side, with the rest of it swooped to the other ever since he saw Chubby Checker wear one. Mama said no, but Jake wears it so well I kind of forget what has me all bothered.

See? It worked too well to pass up! Etta knows her sister is feeling something for Jake and she sings it right on out the door, much to Emmylou’s horror. It’s a nice little head bobber if I do say so myself. Great harmonies and instrumentals. Hey…you know what? I just realized I haven’t properly introduced you all to Jake! He’s still very much a WIP inside of this WIP so I need to work on him a little more though. I’m right at the part where the girls should start learning about how he came to be with this not-a-freak-show. But I may have an official apology to issue first. I’m sure you guys have noticed my horrible punctuation and grammar.



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