I Won A Writing Contest!


*Composes self.* *Clears throat.*

This girl won a writing contest! I don’t think I’ve ever won a contest in my life, but I won one for writing! How awesome is that? Talk about confidence booster. I’ve been on a high ever since.

I entered the contest via my favorite way to procrastinate, Scribophile. It’s a critiquing website full of a bunch of smarties and wonderful people who share a love for writing. There’s some intense talent floating around the site, so I’m shocked to have even placed. I won cash and karma. Karma is what the site thrives on. It’s how I’m able to post chapters of my WIP and get feedback.

My poem Freedom Be Like A Mother placed second! It’s an epilogue of sorts for another poem I wrote and will be published come February in the Quarterday Review called Tabitha’s Babies. Both poems are a little dark. They center on the life of a young slave, Rowena, who tries her best to keep she and her children safe. I have a friend who has decided that it will be a movie and cast herself in a role already. Who knows, maybe she’s onto something.

I can’t wait to share Tabitha’s Babies. I’m working on finding a place that will publish Freedom Be Like A Mother so that I can share that soon as well. Post a snippet? No I can’t… Well if you insist.

From Freedom Be Like A Mother :

They be big now,

‘bout as high as my waist

with hair that chases itself ‘round and ‘round

skin yellow like the moon, sun-kissed cheeks

and Big Massa Adam’s eyes.

From Tabitha’s Babies:

Yesterday at the river I seen my mama.

Skin like the crust of a fresh-baked pecan pie.

Hair hidin’ under a rag.

Death in her eyes.

Or maybe that be me?

Too sad? I’ll be back with more music ASAP! Thanks for letting me brag!


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