Character Interview: Emmylou

I can’t believe there’s five days left until Christmas. There’s snow on the ground, but it doesn’t feel very Christmas-y. I think it’s because I’m still at school. Nonetheless, I’m here with Emmylou, ⅓ member of Etta and Her Fine Girls and the other star of my WIP!

Me: I’m excited that you decided to let me interview you! People will love you, I promise. .

Emmylou: I don’t care ‘bout all of that.

Me: I know you don’t, but it’s nice anyway. Tell the world who you are.

EL: I thought you said it’d be read by just a few people.

Me: It is, it was just an expression Emmylou. Don’t worry.

EL: …I’m Emmylou Sanford.

Me: Come on, Emmylou, don’t be shy.

EL: I live in Georgia with my family.

Me: Family’s really important to you isn’t it?

EL: Yes, ma’am. If you don’t got family, then you don’t got nothing really. I think that’s why the Jacksons are so happy. There’s family everywhere in that house. Used to be like that in our house, but Annie and Billie Mae and Sarah all left home. Now it’s just us me, Etta and PJ. Annie’s got her own family now though. Her new little one should be here soon, too.

Me: Your face lit up so much talking about your sister and her family. Why’s that?

EL: Oh…well, new babies is always nice.

Me: True. Tell me though, you think it’s nice being a part of Etta and Her Fine Girls?

EL: Mostly, when Etta’s not being so bull-headed and using that Diahann Carroll voice on me.

Me: Diahann Carroll voice, what’s that?

EL: The actress. When Etta starts thinking she someone important she starts talking like her. She tries real hard to get rid of her accent to sound like them movie stars. But, yeah I guess it’s okay being part of the group. I don’t want to make no living of it like Etta do though.

*I interrupt this interview to share with you this fabulous picture of Ms. Carroll*



The lovely Diahann Carroll


Me: Oh, no? What do you want to do?

EL: You’ll think I’m simple.

Me: Never.

EL: A wife and mother.

Me: That sounds perfectly fine.

EL: Etta don’t think so.

Me: Speaking of Etta, she mentioned in her interview that you were in love. Are you?

EL: You would know.

Me: I do know, but the readers don’t. Come on, don’t leave them hanging.

EL: I got eyes for someone, yes.

Me: What’s he like?

EL: He’s got a nice smile. Works real hard too. And he can play almost every instrument you stick in front of him.

Me: Sounds like a regular Prince Charming.

EL: Sometimes when I look at him I think I be in a dream.

Me: Awww, dreams are good.

EL: Not all the time…

Me: We don’t have to talk about that. Tell the folks reading this why they should read about you and Etta?

EL: ‘Cause we do things I ain’t never dream we’d do ever.

Me: Like fall in love?

EL: Like fall in love.

Isn’t she just the sweetest?! A writing friend of mine called her a “tragic cutie.” Don’t let her fool you too much though. She does have a bit of a mean streak, and she can be just as stubborn as her sister. How’d you like meeting Etta’s other half? Let me know what you think about Emmylou!

Any ideas about who you want to hear from next? Maybe Miss Pearl Jackson?

Stay tuned!


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