The Blog and I

I don’t think I mentioned having a twin sister before on my blog, but I do. Her name’s Joy and she has a blog too! I’m not sure why that rhymes, but her blog is brand spanking new. Although she’s already light years ahead of me. She’s already done with her first draft! Check her out if you’re so inclined.


Joy Writing

When I make this blog post.

Once I post this work.

Then I make this blog post.

What I’ve waited for since…since…

Okay! I’ll stop there. Points if you got my drift with that above. So here’s the thing. I’m new to this whole blogging thing. Made one because my sister did, and well…she can’t have all the fun/attention. Go follow  Cherish .

So thanks for wanting to follow along on my publishing dream. I hope I can drop some knowledge and inspiration throughout too.

*clears throat*


I’m out,

Joy 🙂

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