Character Interview: Etta

Today I’ll be introducing you all to one of my main characters in my WIP! I’m part of a writing community where I share chapters of my story and get critiques on them. Those who have read what I’ve shared absolutely love Etta! Here’s hoping you do too.

I told Etta that I had a blog and she told me she didn’t know what a blog was. Such is being a teenager in 1962. She doesn’t even know what the internet is or a laptop, but she was kind enough to let me in on her busy schedule so that I can introduce her to the world. I had to tell her it’d be seen by millions of people. I may have embellished a bit there.

Me: Thanks for letting me interview you for my blog. It’s been great getting to know you these last few months. I can’t wait for everyone to get to know you too.

Etta: If you say I’ll be famous, I can’t say no to that.

Me: I had a feeling you’d say that. Introduce yourself. What’s your name?

Etta: I’m Etta Mae Sanford, lead singer of the best girl group there is, Etta and Her Fine Girls.

Me: That’s right. I’m sure everyone in town knows who you are.

Etta: They do, but not ‘cause of that.

Me: How, then?

Etta: ‘Cause me and Emmy is stuck.

Me: Ah. Would you mind telling everyone who Emmylou is?

Etta: She’s right here, ask her yourself.

Me: I can’t. This isn’t about Emmylou right now. I’m interviewing you.

Etta: Fine. Emmylou is my twin sister. Folks know us ‘cause we always together.

Me: And?

Etta: And ‘cause we stuck at the head.

Me: Now was that so hard? How old are you?

Etta: 16.

Me: What that puts you in the tenth grade? What’s your favorite subject at school?

Etta: Yes, ma’am, and I ain’t got a favorite subject.

Me: But if you had to choose one?

Etta: Geography. I like learning ‘bout other places I guess. I ain’t never leave Georgia.

Me: Really?

Etta: Not a once. Pa Skeeter(her father) was too scared to let us off the farm ‘til a couple years ago. Now he let up a little and we can go to town sometimes. Usually Pearl has to be with us, but sometimes me and Emmylou can go by ourselves if Pearl’s too busy.

Me: Now you got to introduce Pearl to everyone.

Etta: Usually people are s’pose to be introducing me, but I’ll do it for your blog on the internets or whatever.

Me: Thank you, Etta.

Etta: Pearl Jackson is Emmylou and me’s only friend. I don’t think we’ve ever not been friends, except for that time she told Emmylou she sang better than me. That ain’t true. She lives down the road. Her and her eight brothers and sisters.There’s really twelve Jackson kids, but some of them moved out. Emmylou won’t admit it, but she was sweet on Lee Jackson. Everyone knew it but Emmylou I think.

Me: Speaking of crushes, do you have a boyfriend or someone you got your eye on?

Etta: Boy’s ain’t nothing but distractions. I learned that the hard way. I got to focus on my singing career. Emmylou’s the one all in love.

Me: Alright, Etta. One last question, then you and Emmylou can get back to your chores. Why should people read about you and Emmylou?

Etta: ‘Cause you ain’t never gonna meet no one else like me or Emmylou.

Me: That’s for sure.

Etta: I ain’t done.

Me: Oh sorry!

Etta: And ‘cause you ain’t never gonna meet folks like the folks we meet when Wilk and Jake came to town.

Me: I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing.

Etta: Well, I guess your readers will figure that out if you ever finish the book.

Me: Hey, some of us have finals we have to study for, but point taken. Thanks for letting me interview you.

Etta: Of course. I got to make sure folks all over know my name.

I don’t know if you can tell, but she also has the have the last word.

When I started writing I knew my main characters were going to be twin girls. I didn’t know that Etta would be so…dynamic! The further I get into the story the more I realize this book just wouldn’t work without her or Emmylou honestly. Is there a southern colloquialism from Yin and Yang? That’s what they are. When I interview Emmylou you’ll understand. 🙂

Let me know what you think of Etta thus far!

Happy Sunday,



Here’s an amateur drawing I made of Etta(right) and Emmylou(left)

8 thoughts on “Character Interview: Etta

  1. This is wonderful! What a fun idea to interview Etta – hopefully Emmylou will have a chance, too.
    Of course, I’ll be following their adventures on Scribophile!
    Your fan, Suzanne Marie

    Liked by 1 person

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