Putting It Together

Hi Internets!

Finals are in full bloom. I’m only prepared for three of the five that I have scheduled and I’m happily procrastinating here. Bare with me as I figure out this whole blog thing. I’m still working through what I should share and how often. The goal is daily, but I’m sure there’s bound to be some rule bending there.

I’m also really nervous about sharing the deets of my WIP. What if I spill too much and all the novelty is gone? But this is a blog about my road to publication and if you’re reading you should know what I’m working on. Here’s a handful of specifics:

  1. It’s YA.
  2. My main characters are twin girls.
  3. It takes place in 1962
  4. There’s lots of music.
  5. There may or not be a freak show.

Intrigued? I sure hope so!

Bit by bit, putting it together. Oddly that lyric is from the show Sunday in the Park George. George being Georges Seurat, Parisian painter who created this. It seemed appropriate when I typed it out. *Goes before it gets weird*



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